Name: Nannopterygius ‭(‬Small wing‭)‬.
Phonetic: Nan-nop-teh-ree-ge-us.
Named By: Friedrich von Huene‭ ‬-‭ ‬1922.
Synonyms: Enthekiodon, Ichthyosaurus enthekiodon, Paraophthalmosaurus, Yasykovia.
Classification: Chordata,‭ ‬Reptilia,‭ ‬Ichthyosauria,‭ ‬Ophthalmosauria,‭ ‬Ophthalmosauridae.
Species: N.‭ ‬enthekiodon‭ (‬type‭), N. borealis, N. mikhailovi, N. saveljeviensis, N. yakimenkae, N. yasykovi.
Diet: Piscivore.
Size: Up to 3.5‭ ‬meters long.
Known locations: England‭ ‬-‭ ‬Kimmeridge Clay Formation.‭ ‬Ichthyosaur remains from Germany might also represent Nannopterygius.
Time period: Callovian/Tithonian of the Jurassic.
Fossil representation: Single specimen.

       Nannopterygius was first described in‭ ‬1871‭ ‬by John Hulke,‭ ‬but as a species of Ichthyosaurus,‭ ‬I.‭ ‬enthekiodon.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬the Ichthyosaurus genus was once treated as a wastebasket taxon,‭ ‬and many former species of Ichthyosaurus have now been re-assigned as distinct genera.‭ ‬This is what happened later in the early twentieth century when another palaeontologists Friedrich von Huene renamed Ichthyosaurus enthekiodon as Nannopterygius.‭ ‬Nannopterygius is today considered to be identified as an ophthalmosaurid ichthyosaur not only indicating that Nannopterygius was a relative to the famous Ophthalmosaurus,‭ ‬but that Nannopterygius was probably a deep diving ichthyosaur that would swim down into the oceanic depths where there was very little light to hunt deep sea organisms such as squid.‭
       The name Nannopterygius actually means small wing,‭ ‬but in this respect it is the superficial similarity of the fore limb pectoral flipper to‭ ‬a‭ ‬wing that is the focus of this.‭ ‬Despite possible confusion from this,‭ ‬the pectoral fins actually do act in a similar manner to the wings of a plane by generating lift.‭ ‬You see the drawback of being propelled‭ ‬by being pushed‭ ‬from the rear such as tail is that unless you happen to be generating incredible amounts of thrust,‭ ‬you inevitably end up pitching down from the effects of gravity.‭ ‬Using the pectoral fins however,‭ ‬and ichthyosaurs,‭ ‬or fish,‭ ‬or even a submarine for that matter can control the pitch of the body so that upwards,‭ ‬downwards or even just level swimming can be maintained.

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