Name: Clevosaurus.
Phonetic: Klee-vo-sor-us.
Named By: W. E. Swinton - 1939.
Synonyms: Dianosaurus, Glevosaurus.
Classification: Chordata, Reptilia, Diapsida, Lepidosauria, Sphenodontia, Sphenodontidae, Clevosaurus.
Species: C. hudsoni (type), C. bairdi, C. brasiliensis, C. cambrica, C. convallis, C. hadroprodon, C. latidens, C. mcgilli, C. minor, C. sectumsemper, C. wangi.
Diet: Insesctivore?
Size: Small, but eact meaurements depend upon the species.
Known locations: Belgium. Brazil. Canada. China. England. Luxembourg. South Africa. USA. Wales.
Time period: Late Triassic to early Jurassic.
Fossil representation: Numerus individuals.

       Clevosaurus is a genus of small lepidosaurian lizard that as a genus had a near global dsitribution during the Triassic and early Jurassic.

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