Top lists of stand out prehistoric creatures

10 top facts about O. megalodon - Ten facts that are dedicated entirely to revealing the truth about the mighty 'Megalodon' giant shark.

Top Ten African dinosaurs - Ten of some of the most unique and interesting African dinosaurs.

Top Ten Ceratopsian dinosaurs - Ten of the ceratopsian dinosaurs that have made the largest contributions to our understanding of and love of these horned dinosaurs.

Top Ten Dinosaurs From Britain - Ten of the most significant dinosaur discoveries from the land that gave birth to dinosaur paleontology!

Top Ten Hadrosaurs - Ten of some of the most significant hadrosaurs known to us.

Top Ten Ichthyosaurs - Ten select ichthyosaur genera that represent some of the most iconic marine reptiles of the Mesozoic.

Top Ten Iconic Pleistocene Megafauna - Ten of the most iconic animals that define the late Pleistocene and early Holocene periods.

Top Ten Mosasaurs - A look at‭ ‬10‭ ‬of some of the largest,‭ ‬most specialised and outright vicious mosasaurs that dominated the world’s oceans towards the end of the Cretaceous.

Top Ten Predatory Dinosaurs - A look at ten of some of the most famous,‭ ‬largest and specialised predatory dinosaurs that are known to science.

Top Ten Predatory Mammals - Ten of some of the most dangerous mammalian predators to ever stalk the land.

Top Ten Prehistoric Fish
- Ten of some of the most interesting fish to ever sweim in the worlds waters (no sharks included!).

Top Ten Prehistoric Marine Predators - A list of 10 of the most dangerous and specialised predators to ever swim in the ocean.

Top 10 Prehistoric Sharks - Ten of some of the most important and unique extinct sharks currently known.

Top 10 Standout Pterosaurs - A list of some of the most famous and important pterosaurs so far known to palaeontology, including some of the most unique and specialised pterosaurs.

Top Ten Sauropods/Titanosaurs - Ten of the most interesting, the most significant and most popular of the long necked sauropod dinosaurs.

Top Ten Stegosaurs - Ten of some of the most interesting stegosaurid dinosaurs that are currently known to us.

Top Ten Tyrannosaurs - Ten of the most awesome tyrant dinosaurs ever to stalk the earth!