Name: Jaxtasuchus ‭(‬Jagst crocodile‭)‬.
Phonetic: Jax-tah-sore-us.
Named By: R.‭ ‬R.‭ ‬Schoch‭ & ‬H.‭ ‬D.‭ ‬Sues‭ ‬-‭ ‬2013.
Classification: Chordata,‭ ‬Reptilia,‭ ‬Archosauriformes,‭ ‬Doswelliidae.
Species: J.‭ ‬salomoni‭ (‬type‭)‬.
Diet: Carnivore.
Size: Unavailable.
Known locations: Germany‭ ‬-‭ ‬Erfurt Formation.
Time period: Ladinian of the Triassic.
Fossil representation: Most of the post cranial skeleton,‭ ‬skull and neck are still unknown.

       A European relative‭ ‬of Doswellia,‭ ‬Jaxtasuchus were doswellian archosaurs that may have been semi aquatic in the behaviour.‭ ‬This‭ ‬is‭ ‬indicated by the observation that the remains of aquatic invertebrates and temnospondyl amphibians were found alongside the holotype remains of Jaxtasuchus which were preserved in mudstone.‭ ‬Isolated teeth and a relation to other doswellids indicate that Jaxtasuchus would have been‭ ‬predators of smaller organisms,‭ ‬perhaps even the aforementioned temnospondyl amphibians.

Further reading
-‭ ‬A new archosauriform reptile from the Middle Triassic‭ (‬Ladinian‭) ‬of Germany. -‭ ‬R.‭ ‬R.‭ ‬Schoch‭ & ‬H.‭ ‬D.‭ ‬Sues‭ ‬-‭ ‬2013.


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