Name: Peytoia
Phonetic: Pay-toy-ah.
Named By: Walcott - 1911.
Classification: Arthropoda, Radiodonta, Anomalocarididae.
Species: P. nathorsti (type).
Diet: Carnivore.
Size: Uncertain.
Known locations: Canada.
Time period: Cambrian.
Fossil representation: Many specimens.

       For a long time the Peytoia genus was once thought to represent a genus of jellyfish. Later however it was realised that this jellyfish was actually just the mouth of an anomalocarid arthropod. This means that in life Peytoia would have been more similar to other arthropods such as Anomolocaris.

Further reading
- A morphological and taxonomic appraisal of the oldest anomalocaridid from the Lower Cambrian of Poland. - Geological Magazine. 152 (5): 949–955. - A. C. Daley & D. A. Legg - 2015.


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