Name: Daemonosaurus (Demon lizard).
Phonetic: Day-mon-o-sore-us.
Named By: Hans-Dieter Sues et al - 2011.
Classification: Chordata, Reptilia, Dinosauria, Saurischia, Eusaurischia, Theropoda.
Species: D. chauliodus (type).
Type: Carnivore.
Size: Estimated at 1.5 meters long.
Known locations: USA, New Mexico, Chinle Formation, Ghost Ranch quarry.
Time period: Norian of the Triassic.
Fossil representation: A skull, ribs and vertebrae.

       Daemonosaurus has a distinguished skull that is unlike any other dinosaur currently known from the time. The upper teeth are mounted in a short snout and protrude forwards from the tip. This is mirrored in the lower jaw and was the inspiration for the type species name D. chauliodus that loosely translated means 'buck toothed'.
       Interestingly, another dinosaur named Chindesaurus has been found in the same formation as Daemonosaurus but is only known from the post cranial skeleton. Daemonosaurus on the other hand is only known from its skull, a few vertebrae and ribs. This has led to the interesting question of are Chindesaurus and Daemonosaurus one and the same? Without further evidence from more complete specimens the answer cannot be known.

Further reading
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