Name: Meroktenos ‭(‬thigh beast‭)‬.
Phonetic: Me-rok-te-nos.
Named By: C.‭ ‬Peyre de Fabrègues‭ & ‬R.‭ ‬Allain‭ ‬-‭ ‬2016.
Synonyms: Melanorosaurus thabanensis.
Classification: Chordata,‭ ‬Reptilia,‭ ‬Dinosauria,‭ ‬Saurischia,‭ ‬Sauropodomorpha.
Species: M.‭ ‬thabanensis‭ (‬type‭)‬.
Diet: Herbivore.
Size: Femur‭ ‬48‭ ‬centimetres long.‭ ‬Body length roughly estimated at about‭ ‬4‭ ‬meters.
Known locations: Lesotho‭ ‬-‭ ‬Elliot Formation.
Time period: Late Triassic.
Fossil representation: Partial remains.

       Initially described as a species of Melanorosaurus,‭ ‬M.‭ ‬thabanensis was elevated to its oven genus level and named Meroktenos in‭ ‬2016.‭ ‬Meroktenos is a genus of sauropodomorph dinosaur that once lived in Africa during the late Triassic.

Further reading
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