Name: Delapparentia ‭(‬de Lapparent,‭ ‬in honour of Albert-Felix de Lapparent‭)‬.
Phonetic: De-lap-pah-ren-tee-ah.
Named By: Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca‭ ‬-‭ ‬2011.
Classification: Chordata,‭ ‬Reptilia,‭ ‬Dinosauria,‭ ‬Ornithischia,‭ ‬Ornithopoda,‭ ‬Iguanodontia,‭ ‬Hadrosauriformes.
Species: D.‭ ‬turolensis‭ (‬type‭)‬.
Diet: Herbivore.
Size: Estimated about‭ ‬10‭ ‬meters long.
Known locations: Spain,‭ ‬Teruel Province‭ ‬-‭ ‬Camarillas Formation.
Time period: Barremian of the Cretaceous.
Fossil representation: Partial skeleton.

       Not a lot of information is currently available about Delapparentia,‭ ‬though as a relative to herbivorous dinosaurs like Iguanodon,‭ ‬a few things can be inferred.‭ ‬Delapparentia would have been a fairly large ornithopod dinosaur that would have balanced most of its body weight upon its rear legs,‭ ‬while the fore legs were reduced in size and development.‭ ‬The fore legs would have still been capable of bearing weight,‭ ‬and Delapparentia likely went about in a primarily quadrupedal posture,‭ ‬though it was still capable of bipedal locomotion for short periods.‭ ‬This ability to switch in posture meant that Delapparentia like other iguanodonts could browse upon a greater variety of plants growing at different heights.‭ ‬Even though the skull of Delapparentia is unknown,‭ ‬it would have likely had a keratinous beak around the anterior portion of the mouth so that it could snip off vegetation before it was processed by the teeth towards the rear of the mouth.
       As a herbivore,‭ ‬Delapparentia may have been hunted by theropod dinosaurs along the lines of Neovenator and Eotyrannus,‭ ‬both living at the same time as Delapparentia,‭ ‬though both of these genera are currently only known from slightly further north in what is now England.

Further reading
-‭ ‬Delapparentia turolensis nov.‭ ‬gen et sp.,‭ ‬un nuevo dinosaurio iguanodontoideo‭ (‬Ornithischia:‭ ‬Ornithopoda‭) ‬en el Cretácico Inferior de Galve‭ [‬Delapparentia turolensis nov.‭ ‬gen et sp.,‭ ‬a new iguanodontoid dinosaur‭ (‬Ornithischia:‭ ‬Ornithopoda‭) ‬from the Lower Cretaceous of Galve‭ (‬Spain‭)‬,‭ ‬Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca‭ ‬-‭ ‬2011.


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