Name: Cacops (blind face).
Phonetic: Cay-cops.
Named By: Williston - 1910.
Classification: Chordata, Amphibia, Temnospondyli, Euskelia, Dissorophoidea, Dissorophidae.
Species: C. aspideporus.
Type: Carnivore/insectivore.
Size: 40 centimetres long.
Known locations: USA, Texas.
Time period: Early Permian.
Fossil representation: Many specimens known.

       Cacops had many bony plates mainly concentrated along its back. These plates may have given it some protection from other terrestrial predators of the time. The large otic notch at the back of the skull suggests that Cacops had good hearing.

Further reading
- The armoured dissorophid Cacops from the Early Permian of Oklahoma and the exploitation of the terrestrial realm by amphibians. - Naturwissenschaften 96 (7): 789–796. - R. R. Reisz, R. R. Schoch & J. S. Anderson - 2009.


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