Privacy and cookies policy

       On we have third party advertising and tracking services in operation that use cookies and the recorded data from them that target specific advertising to you as well as record data about where users come from and what they look at when they visit the website.‭ ‬In an effort to be transparent with our visitors this is an overview of what cookies are,‭ ‬how they are used in relation to this website,‭ ‬and how to deactivate them if you wish to.

What are‭ ‘‬cookies‭’?

       A cookie is a computer file that is installed into your browser by a website,‭ ‬or a third party developer in association with a website.‭ ‬Cookies usually collect data about browsing history,‭ ‬but can on some websites also collect data about online purchasing.‭ ‬They have in fact become a key and vital part of retail websites that need cookies to keep a track of your online shopping basket as well as multiplying promotions before final payment processing.‭ ‬Chances are that if you have not opted out of cookies before,‭ ‬they may well already be active in your browser from visiting other websites before you even came to this one.

On site advertising.

       Currently this website has advertising displayed through Google‭ ‬Adsense.‭ ‬The‭ ‬Adsense program uses cookies to look at your browsing and buying history on the internet to target specific adverts towards you.‭ ‬For example,‭ ‬if you have been searching for car insurance deals on the internet,‭ ‬this history may be recorded in the cookie and read by the next website you visit.‭ ‬Then the adverts on that website may display adverts for cheaper car insurance,‭ ‬even if that website has absolutely nothing to do with car insurance whatsoever.‭ ‬Information gathered by advertising cookies is not accessible by this websites admin,‭ ‬but is used by Google to send adverts that‭ ‬you are more likely to be interested in based upon your browsing history.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬often adverts will appear which have no bearing upon your browsing history,‭ ‬but upon the content of the webpage upon which they appear.‭

Visitor tracking

       This website also uses‭ ‬Google analytics tracking to record location and browsing behaviour of visitors.‭ ‬Data gathered through google analytics that is reviewed by us includes visitor locations,‭ ‬landing pages,‭ ‬page views,‭ ‬time spent on site,‭ ‬bounce rate,‭ ‬and referrals.‭ ‬Visitor locations are broken down into countries,‭ ‬territories and then finally cities and towns.‭ ‬More precise details such as street names,‭ ‬zip codes/postcodes building numbers and IP addresses are not recorded.‭ ‬Landing pages are the pages that people visit first,‭ ‬either from clicking through from a search engine or following a link from another website.‭ ‬This allows us to figure out which animals and topics are bringing in the most visitors.‭ ‬Total page views allow us to get an idea of what visitors look at when they are here,‭ ‬again giving us a rough idea as to which creatures and topics are‭ ‬more popular,‭ ‬so that a rough idea can be established where to focus efforts upon improving the website.‭ ‬Time spent on the website simply means how long visitors spend on the site looking up information.‭ ‬Bounce rate registers how many visitors reach one page of the website,‭ ‬but leave again before reading any additional pages.‭ ‬Referrals are which parts of the internet that people come from,‭ ‬either from search engine traffic,‭ ‬or other websites that link to this website.‭ ‬This is all done in complete anonymity,‭ ‬names and IP addresses are not recorded.‭ ‬Other features such as language preferences and active users among other features are also available,‭ ‬but again,‭ ‬these are anonymous and not really used by the website.‭ ‬Google Analytics continues to be developed and more details about the features of this are available on the google analytics website,‭ ‬CLICK HERE to go there now.‭ ‬All in all,‭ ‬analytics tracking is used to figure out the more popular parts of the website so that visitor demand can be met,‭ ‬and also identify weaker parts of the website so that they can be better developed.

If you wish to know more about how Google collects data and makes it available to third party partners. you can learn about that on these pages provided by Google

Google Privacy Policy

How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services.

Your privacy

       No names or addresses are collected by this,‭ ‬and aside from an end of day number,‭ ‬no other details about who and how many people visit the website are collected.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬if you would rather not have you browsing history recorded and read by cookies and developers then you can always opt out at any time.‭

Opting out

       If you do not wish cookies‭ (‬either through this website,‭ ‬or any other website‭) ‬to track you then you need to be proactive in disabling their activity.‭ ‬This can be easily done by going into your internet browser settings and selecting options such as the‭ ‘‬Do Not Track‭’ ‬feature,‭ ‬or similar functions depending upon your browser settings.‭ ‬It is difficult to give out specific instructions as to how to make your browser block cookies as browsers will be different depending upon what they are‭ (‬i.e.‭ ‬Internet Explorer,‭ ‬Chrome,‭ ‬Firefox,‭ ‬Safari,‭ ‬etc‭)‬,‭ ‬but the functions for disabling cookies can usually be found under‭ ‘‬tools‭’‬,‭ ‘‬settings‭’ ‬or‭ ‘‬preferences‭’‬.‭ ‬You should read your browser manual and help and support section for more specifically detailed information.‭ ‬Some browsers will also delete cookies,‭ ‬and most anti-virus software will remove cookies as an optional extra,‭ ‬though you may have to select cookie removal when the software scans your computer.

       While it is true that disabling cookies can impair the functioning of some websites,‭ ‬this is not the case with


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